Why We Broke Up

Author: Daniel Handler
Genre: Contemporary Young Adult
Year Published: 2011
Publisher: Little Brown Books for Young Readers
Length: A 354 page letter

“And that Ed is why we broke up.”

When Min Green and Ed Slaterton breakup Min goes on a mission to give back everything she has collected over the course of their month long relationship along with a letter explaining exactly why they broke up. Why We Broke up details the crazy adventures and explosive break up of this unlikely couple.

My Perspective:
The Pictures: First off this book is beautiful! Every story that Min includes in her letter is accompanied by beautiful illustrations. This makes the story even more intriguing and definitely pulls the reader into the world of Min and Ed.

The Characters: I love these characters. Ed is the basketball star and your stereotypical high school jock bro. Min is not arty but…different… Seeing Ed and Min interact was so interesting. Min brings out the sensitive side of Ed and Ed turns Min into a basketball girlfriend. Yet both are still so caught up in their own worlds.

The Plot: This book was so real and easy to get into. I was so invested in the relationship and lives of Min and Ed. Also, I had to keep reminding myself that they had only been dating for a month. Crazy! It seemed as though they had been dating for so long!

Overall, I really enjoyed Why We Broke Up. It was so fun reading a book by Daniel Handler other than the Series of Unfortunate Events, which I haven’t read since I was young.

My Rating: 5 obscure movies out of 5.
You’ll like this book if: You enjoy you like contemporary young adult books about relationships.
You’ll dislike this book it: You don’t enjoy books about dramatic teenagers.


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