An Atrocious Number

The other day I decided to partake in one of my favorite, nerdy activities. Reorganizing my bookshelf.

Really I was just trying to avoid doing the insurmountable pile of homework I should have been working on.

Anyways, as I was strategically mapping out how I wanted my bookshelf to look I came to realize a tragic thing. The majority of the books that I own I have never even opened! And even more of them I have never read all the way through. Of the 160 books currently living on my shelf I have not read 109 of them. What an atrocious number!

And so I came up with a challenge for myself. I’m pretty sure it is crazy and I don’t how it is going to happen, but it seemed like a fun idea.

Over the next year I want to read every book that currently sits on my shelf. By April 20, 2016 I will be able to boldly proclaim I do not own a book I have not read cover to cover. And I’m taking you along for the ride!

Like I said, this is probably crazy. I am still a full time student with a part time job and somewhat of a social life. But, I’ll never know if I don’t try right? So for the next year. No buying books, unless they’re for school. No going to the library. Just reading what is already in my possession.

It’s going to be a whirlwind of a year people.

Happy Reading,


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