Hi book lovers,

Similar to the way I stumbled across This Is What I Did: I found Rundown by Michael Cadnum while searching the library even though I should have been reading one of the many unread books that I own. The synopsis was intriguing and I found myself putting it in my ever growing pile of check outs. I really should not be allowed inside a library.

Rundown is about 16 year old Jennifer Thayer. Jennifer’s dysfunctional family pushes her to fake an assault by a serial rapist going around her town. Rundown is her journey through dealing with her family, the police, and her own internal conflict through this fake crime that took place.

I did not enjoy this book as much as I had hoped too. I thought this book was going to be a really interesting look into the mindset of someone who would go so far for attention. I was excited to learn about the fractured family Jennifer came from. I couldn’t wait to get into her head. However, Cadnum didn’t dive into the emotions and relationships of the Thayer family as much as I would have liked. He briefly touched on it all but I really wanted him to dive into it.

Overall I was not very impressed by this book or Cadnum’s writing. I give Rundown two stars out of five.

Happy reading,


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