Hi book lovers,

Similar to the way I stumbled across This Is What I Did: I found Rundown by Michael Cadnum while searching the library even though I should have been reading one of the many unread books that I own. The synopsis was intriguing and I found myself putting it in my ever growing pile of check outs. I really should not be allowed inside a library.

Rundown is about 16 year old Jennifer Thayer. Jennifer’s dysfunctional family pushes her to fake an assault by a serial rapist going around her town. Rundown is her journey through dealing with her family, the police, and her own internal conflict through this fake crime that took place.

I did not enjoy this book as much as I had hoped too. I thought this book was going to be a really interesting look into the mindset of someone who would go so far for attention. I was excited to learn about the fractured family Jennifer came from. I couldn’t wait to get into her head. However, Cadnum didn’t dive into the emotions and relationships of the Thayer family as much as I would have liked. He briefly touched on it all but I really wanted him to dive into it.

Overall I was not very impressed by this book or Cadnum’s writing. I give Rundown two stars out of five.

Happy reading,


Book Tube

Hi book lovers,

In addition to embarking on this book reviewing blog journey I took it a step further. I made a youtube channel!

I have been guilty of spending hours on YouTube watching vloggers and comedians and oh look cats! Amongst all my YouTube watching I have always wanted to make videos of my own but was always WAY to nervous and shy and afraid. But I’ve decided to go for it talking about one of my very favorite things. Books!

So if you feel like giving me a watch I would truly appreciate it.

Happy reading (and maybe watching?)


Hi book lovers!

The first time I picked up a book by Ellen Hopkins it started as a joke. My little sister (who is not at all a reader) would pick random books from the library shelves and hand them to me to check out. Some were not good choices, but others were winners. And I have my silly sister and this weird game we played to thank for my love of Ellen Hopkins books. When she handed me the VERY large book Impulse I thought she was insane. But after reading the blurb I was hooked. Reading Impulse started my long, and still continuing love affair with the writing of Hopkins.

The book I am here to talk about is one of my favorites, Identical. This book is about twins Kaeleigh and Raeanne and their seemingly perfect family, well from the outside looking in at least. But at a closer look you see the cracks in the relationships left behind from a tragic car accident years earlier. The book is their journey to attempt to come to terms with the shattered family and the reasons behind it. With the help of drugs, alcohol, sex, lies, abuse, fake love, some genuine caring, and a shocking discovery they begin to heal from years of hurt.

Now this is my second reading of Identical and I loved it even more than the first time. While this time around I did know the ending that I never would have guessed when I first read it. However, I tend to be very un-observant sometimes. Reading it for a second time I picked up on some of the little hints dropped throughout the book. While I did not have the shock factor I still thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Also, Ellen Hopkins books are written entirely in poems. I love the way she can write a collection of poems to tell a story. Hopkins makes it easy to feel what the characters are feeling. Even though I have absolutely nothing in common with either Kaeleigh or Raeanne. I easily put myself in their spot when reading. I get a clear image of what they are feeling and what they are going through. Hopkins writing just draws me in and makes it hard to put the book down. In fact the other night around midnight I couldn’t sleep so I decided to start reading. After an hour I had to make myself close the book and watch TV instead because I knew I would not sleep until it was finished.

I highly recommend Identical or any other book by Ellen Hopkins for anyone who enjoys psychological dramas and intense plots and twists and books that keep you guessing. However I do have to warn that this is quite a vulgar book. There is lots of swearing and lots of drug use and lots of sex.

Happy Reading,

This Is What I Did:

Hey Book Lovers!

The other day I ran to the library to return a few books, but despite all logical arguments my brain tried I ended up leaving with even more books (of course). One of which being This Is What I Did: by Ann Dee Ellis. I was drawn in by the mysterious blurb on the books inside flap. While it did not give very much information on what the book was about I was intrigued. And it turned out my gut instinct to check it out was right considering I could not put it down!

This Is What I Did: is about 13 year old Logan. After witnessing some terrible events involving his very best friend, a girl they both liked, and his best friends dad, Logan’s family relocates to the other side of town. This means new neighborhood, new school, new friends, and new bullies. This book centers around Logan adjusting to the new setting, coming to terms with what he saw, and trying to appease his parents. Right from the get go when Logan moves he begins getting bullied. Deemed “Crapstock” by a classmate he spends the rest of the year being terrorized by a group of students. Luckily, he finds somewhat of a friend in class dork Laurel. They bond over obscure palindromes and it’s rather adorable.

When I began reading this I wasn’t sure how much I was going to get into it. Seeing as the main character is a thirteen year old boy I thought I was going to have a little trouble connecting (seeing as I have never been a thirteen year old boy). But I was proved wrong fairly quickly. I was drawn in by Ellis’s simple writing that easily conveyed everything Logan was going through. I feel like thirteen year old boys tend to be fairly simple so I felt the writing style definitely fit the character. Also, Ellis kept you wanting to know more and more and more. She would drop little hints at what happened through the book. She gave you pieces of the puzzle one at a time before finally revealing the secret towards the end. I love the way she kept me curious. Even as the book ended I continued to be curious. I still want to know what happened after I closed the book!

In the author biography at the end of the book it says that Ellis came up with the concept from “not knowing how to be. Not knowing what to do.” I think that is so interesting and she really did convey this through the eyes of Logan.

And This Is What I Did: I cried.

I would definitely recommend this book. It was a great read!


Hi book lovers!

Welcome to the new found world of my book review blog. This will be a spot where I praise the wonderful books I read and rant about the ones that disappointed me. Where I get to let out the frustration of reading a really stressful book or share the giggles received like a beautifully wrapped present from a happy book.

So if you are a dreamer come in. For we have some flax golden tales to spin.